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Courage Studio — where intention meets action

You’ll never know unless you cry (video)

Value, Not Volume


Whispering something valuable is always a better idea than shouting something dull and tired. People might turn and look for a second when you shout but they probably won’t turn the next time. And with so much shouting going on in general, people are turning less and less. Be known for value, not volume.

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Three Steps to Prepare for Change

Getting my hair whacked off for the summer inspired me to think about how we prepare for change. How do you prepare for change?

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The Inspiration of Generations

I’m taking one of my most courageous steps yet – creating a video! Thanks for the chance to share a little about where my love of entrepreneurship came from. What’s your thimble? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.  

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Got Creed?

Courage Studio Manifesto

I love a good creed. Words to live by. Phrases to hang onto. Things that make you go hmmmm… Here’s the manifesto for Courage Studio, and it’s oozing creed. A whole bunch of people helped make it wonderful by adding their inspiration and their talents, visually and verbally. Thanks so very much to Rick Brozek, [...]

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